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Bachelorette Party Tulum

Experience the ultimate bachelorette party in Tulum with our exclusive services tailored for your celebration.


As a leading provider in the region, we specialize in luxury yacht rentals and offer a variety of bachelorette party packages, complete with festive decorations to ensure your event is unforgettable. Let us help you craft the perfect party in the stunning setting of Tulum, Mexico.




Bachelorette Party Tulum

🎉 Decorations: Elevate your villa or hotel experience with our exquisite decoration options. Choose from a wide array of themes and styles to set the perfect ambiance for your stay. Our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create a breathtaking setting for your bachelorette party.

🏖️ Tours & Reservations: Explore the best of Tulum with our curated tours and exclusive reservations. Whether you desire a thrilling adventure exploring ancient ruins or a relaxing day at the pristine beaches, we have the perfect excursions for you and your friends. Additionally, we'll secure reservations at the trendiest restaurants and beach clubs, ensuring you have the best spots to dine and unwind.

🍰 Welcome Table Decorations: Upon your arrival, be greeted with a beautifully decorated welcome table featuring delectable treats like cakes, cookies, and delightful bachelorette decor. This personalized touch sets the tone for an amazing celebration from the moment you set foot in Tulum.

🚙 Private Transportation: Enjoy hassle-free transportation throughout your stay with our private transport services. Our professional drivers will take you to all your planned activities, ensuring you and your party travel in comfort and style.

🛒 Fridge Stocking: To make your stay even more convenient, we offer fridge stocking services. Let us know your preferences, and we'll ensure your villa's fridge is filled with all your favorite snacks, beverages, and essentials. So, you can start the festivities the moment you arrive without worrying about shopping.

At our bachelorette party services, we go above and beyond to make your experience in Tulum unforgettable. From decorations to tours, reservations, and personal touches, we aim to create magical memories that will last a lifetime. Let us handle the planning while you focus on creating priceless moments with your cherished friends. Get ready for an exceptional celebration in Tulum! 🌴🥂aragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Bachelorette Party Tulum
Bachelorette Party Tulum Decorations
Bachelorette Party Cabo

Bachelorette Party Tulum is a private charter company offering luxury yacht rental services and bachelorette party villa decorations in Tulum, Mexico along with many other services.

Bachelorette Party Tulum Decorations



Customers can book a yacht for a customized, private experience on the water, with the option to choose from a variety of vessels to fit their needs. Whether for a day trip, a romantic getaway, or a special event, Tulum Yachts provides a unique and unforgettable experience.

65 Ft Catamaran


From: $4,300 USD

Yacht size: 65ft

Guests: up to 50

60 Ft Sunseeker Manhattan


From: $2,550 USD

Yacht size: 60ft

Guests: up to 12

51 Ft Leopard Catamaran


From: $2,850 USD

Yacht size: 51ft

Guests: up to 15

50 Ft Cranchi Mediterranee


From: $1,950 USD

Yacht size: 50ft

Guests: up to 8

50 Ft Azimut with flybridge


From: $1,150 USD

Yacht size: 50ft

Guests: up to 15

44 Ft Leopard Catamaran


From: $1,550 USD

Yacht size: 44ft

Guests: up to 15

43 Ft Azimut with flybridge


From: $1,750 USD

Yacht size: 43ft

Guests: up to 8

42 Ft Azimut with flybridge


From: $1,050 USD

Yacht size: 42ft

Guests: up to 15

40 Ft Bali Catamaran


From: $1,950 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 12

40 Ft Sea Ray Sundancer


From: $950 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 12

40 Ft Lagoon Catamaran


From: $1,300 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 15

40 Ft Van Dutch Yacht


From: $1,550 USD

Yacht size: 40ft

Guests: up to 8

38 Ft Lagoon Catamaran

tulum catamaran.jpg

From: $1,150 USD

Yacht size: 38ft

Guests: up to 15

37 Ft Four Winns Yacht

tulum yacht rental.jpg

From: $1,250 USD

Yacht size: 37ft

Guests: up to 8

34 Ft Aventura Catamaran

34 Ft Aventura Catamaran.jpg

From: $1,450 USD

Yacht size: 34ft

Guests: up to 10



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